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"My roof is falling apart, but I need to sell my house in New York." One of the major challenges you may face when putting your home on the market is to sell a house that needs major repairs. Rarely will you simply list your home and sell it without funding repairs. Moreover, property laws prevent homeowners from selling homes without disclosing the defects. Disclosing these defects, unfortunately, can cause your home to sit on the market until a willing buyer who doesn’t mind dealing with the issues comes along. And that may take quite a while, especially if the house requires significant repairs.

Selling your house can be a time consuming if not stressful experience. In addition to finding the right agent, you have to tidy up, update and stage your home. Then you have to wait for the offers to start coming in before deciding on the best deal. The entire process may take anywhere from a few weeks, if you’re fortunate enough to live in a vibrant market, to a couple of years in a slow one.

Fast Transaction
We understand the urgency of homeowners needing to sell their home without repairs so we strive to make the process as convenient as possible. As such, sellers pay no brokerage fees, legal fees or application fees. We're the best in New York and we’re here to also educate you on the easiest way to sell your house as is.

Avoid Any Liability
Selling a home that needs repairs can be a huge risk. There are numerous laws that govern what must be fixed or disclosed before selling your home. Selling your home with potential health hazards can result in a costly lawsuit. However, when we buy your house we take the risk off your shoulders and assume all liability.

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Our Process:

Step 1: Give us a call or fill out our form describing the property.

Step 2: We meet at the property, and we OK an agreement.

Step 3: We close on the date of your choosing.

Sell My House in New York

"We promise to make your situation our priority."

-Sanje, our real estate professional of 4 years.

Sell My House In New York

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