Avoid Foreclosure In New York With A Short Sale


"I want to sell my house in New York, but it is headed to foreclosure." Do not worry. First off, foreclosure is not your fault. We all go through bumps in the road financially. But as we work toward fixing our situations, the last thing we need are bill collectors reaching out all of the time. Let Sell My House Soon get your freedom back. We have helped turn things around for many New Yorkers who were once facing foreclosure. We can help! Let us strike a deal with the lender!

Avoid Foreclosure In New York
If you are facing a foreclosure, no thanks to banks, you have three options. Continue to make your mortgage payments, foreclosure, where the lender takes back their property, or sell the property. Selling your home is often the best option as you can pocket some money, and not do major damage to your credit. Our company prides itself on being the hope in what can feel like a hopeless situation. We understand what it means to face a foreclosure and can educate you on ways to prevent it.

No Commission Costs
When working with us, you forgo any agent fees or commission costs you would otherwise have to hand over to a realtor or traditional service company. We don’t charge any fees for our services.

Short Sale Your Home Fast and Easy
We value each of our clients and are committed to ensuring a transparent and prompt process. There’s no work involved on your part and we strive to give the highest “market value” offer for your property, based on the situation. If you’re falling behind on your mortgage payments and facing a foreclosure or need to sell your house in the near future for other reasons, feel free to contact us.

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Our Process:

Step 1: Give us a call or fill out our form describing the property.

Step 2: We meet at the property, and we OK an agreement.

Step 3: We close on the date of your choosing.

Sell My House in New York

"We promise to make your situation our priority."

-Sanje, our real estate professional of 4 years.

Sell My House In New York

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