Is your house in New York Not Selling?


"I'm in a rush to move down South. I need to sell my house in New York." Are you worried about your house not selling as fast you anticipated? Sometimes the market may be over saturated for the time being. That's where we come in. It doesn’t matter how scary the market conditions may seem. We buy houses in New
York for cash. We promise you a quick sale regardless of the condition of your home. We understand how emotional, and exhausting the process of selling a home in the current competitive real estate market can be. This is why we are here to relieve you of all the stress involved in waiting for your home to sell.

Why sell your home to us?

We pay you real cash after the inspection. With us, you don’t have to wait for days or months to get your cash.
If you’re in a rush and don't want bills piling up we can save you and
your family by paying you quick cash.

We remove the stress of losing a buyer at the last minute. We
pay you once we reach an agreement, and there is no backing out or last-minute cold feet.We don’t keep you waiting for weeks as in the case of conventional sales.

You don’t have to incur any extra costs in terms of repairs,
renovations, inspections, appraisals or commissions as in the case of selling
through a realtor. This is because we buy your home as-is’. It doesn’t matter
whether your roof is caving in or the foundation is damaged. There is no need
to spend any more money on major repairs prior to selling your home to us.

We save you time. Market conditions, or the state of your home
doesn’t matter to us. No need to keep piling up mortgage payments,
insurance, taxes, utilities and other additional fees and expenses.
No need to go through complicated paperwork or hidden costs in the process.

We promise you a secure transaction as opposed to selling your
home to those who need lending companies such as banks. We all know that such
financial institutions are likely to drag their feet when it comes to
approving loans. Here, you deal directly with us.

We understand the pain you can go through when selling your home. We also
know the hassles involved in endless open houses where buyers come to window shop.


Check out the areas we service:

Long Island




Our Process:

Step 1: Give us a call or fill out our form describing the property.

Step 2: We meet at the property, and we OK an agreement.

Step 3: We close on the date of your choosing.

Sell My House in New York

"We promise to make your situation our priority."

-Sanje, our real estate professional of 4 years.

Sell My House In New York

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